Here’s a little back story on how I came to do adjustments the Dr. Josh signature way:

My preferred method is known as the Thompson Drop-Table Technique. Basically, while the patient is lying face down, the cushions on the table drop slightly when a thrust is applied to the spine.  I find subluxations, weak/stress points, distressed areas, and where to adjust you by checking (and comparing) leg length. I’ve honed this technique for the better part of my career.  More recently though, I’ve reintroduced a few spare techniques and tools when we aren’t achieving the best results – and it may involve a face-up adjustment, something seated, or something even more imaginative!

In truth, what I’m most excited by are the amazing long-term results it produces in patients (and because I’m committed to your results, I’ll simply say in most cases it’s your best bet and I’ve yet to find anything that beats it.) But I also like that this table technique works both for very gentle adjustments on infants, and more firm (but not jarring) hand contact on bigger folk. Anyway, if you’ve ever been curious, there’s a little peek behind the curtains of my world and why I like to do adjustments MY way. ;-)

If you’re not currently a patient and you’d like to get out of pain, relieve headaches, beat stress, or you simply want to be proactive about your health in a time when health worries abound…Email us or call the office at (416) 967-4466 to book your appointment.

Per the latest provincial updates WE ARE NOW OPEN (with modified hours to balance extra Dad time – see below.)

Grace’s Glorious Return

What a difference a week makes!  I was exhausted, just plain exhausted without Grace.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in this case, even more appreciative of what a team can accomplish. Missed you Grace!!

New Clinic Hours

We’ve had a few inconsistencies with Google Maps – but Google searches and our website are up to date for now:

Monday 9:30-12:30*

*(currently we’re booking until 11:30 unless demand grows, and we’ll schedule later as needed)

Tuesday 3:00-5:00

Thursday 3:00-5:45 (last scheduled adjustment)

Friday 9:30-11:30

Latest Clinic Tour And Safety Protocols

This is the same link some of you received from my general clinic updates email – but just in case you want to see what we’ve actually done to protect you, and ourselves, click the YouTube link:

That does it for today.

Hope to see you soon!


Dr. Josh



“I came in to see Dr.Gelber because of extreme low back discomfort due to scoliosis.  I not only get relief for my back, but the adjustments make me more mindful.” – Anne VB