Why Would A Healthy Athlete Use A Chiropractor?


Here’s something to think about. With gym closures, so many people are becoming “road warriors” and turning to biking or running for fitness.  Injuries from these types of activities are on the rise. That said, even healthy, top-tier athletes like Tiger Woods and Tom Brady have turned to chiropractic care to give them an edge. Indeed, A study by Anthony Lauro D.C. and Brian Mouch, D.C. showed how athletic ability can be enhanced by chiropractic care. The study looked at healthy athletes who didn’t have any musculoskeletal injuries. The goal for these athletes wasn’t to diagnose disease, but to pinpoint subluxations that could [...]

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Meet The Accustim: A New Tool For “Wow” Adjustments


Say hello to my little friend! (I couldn’t resist the reference!) The Accustim is a new adjusting tool I’ve recently added to my toolbox. I’ve already received MANY positive comments on its results and two patients have coined it the “woodpecker”. 😊 What’s it all about? Glad you asked. This simple device uses a series of tiny thrusts to help us chiropractors produce “wow” adjustments and potentially huge improvements in range of motion. And since it feels almost somewhat like a massage, it’s perfect for patients who find traditional adjustments too forceful…it jives with my “gentle” approach…AND it allows me to easily modulate [...]

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Why I Chose My Primary Adjusting Technique


Here’s a little back story on how I came to do adjustments the Dr. Josh signature way: My preferred method is known as the Thompson Drop-Table Technique. Basically, while the patient is lying face down, the cushions on the table drop slightly when a thrust is applied to the spine.  I find subluxations, weak/stress points, distressed areas, and where to adjust you by checking (and comparing) leg length. I’ve honed this technique for the better part of my career.  More recently though, I’ve reintroduced a few spare techniques and tools when we aren’t achieving the best results – and it may involve a [...]

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August is Kids Month annually!


The latest “Team Gelber production” is set to join our family next month.   One of the ways we’re celebrating this blessed event is with Kids’ Month here at Annex Family Chiropractic.  Spinal screenings used to happen in schools - checking for posture, scoliosis and more, but they stopped years ago, without warning, and without clarity as to why.   Anyway, here’s the deal:   For the month of August only, kids under 17 get a free exam.   Now you may be thinking, “What on earth could my young child have wrong with their spine that he or she would [...]

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Injury Prevention Guidelines for Runners


Some Background After 3 half-marathons in the span of 1.5 years (2006-2007), I felt accomplished.  I had a great running partner, we pushed each other, and it was fun!  Circumstances led to a friendship ending and I was left without the same motivation to run consistently. Fast forward almost 3 years, and I was in search of an anchor/some help to keep up the runs that I always enjoyed, but found difficult to progress with.  Insert medieval trumpet announcement here - through some friendly conversations The Running Room (High Park) presented itself! I ran IN clinics for a few years before being [...]

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A drugless life – the ongoing road to naturally better health Part 4


Back to Part 3 Striking a balance As a woman, there are certain symptoms that the medical community will tell you are “normal.” We are brought up to believe that monthly menstrual pain and the other less than comfortable and emotional “joys” that go along with it, are simply a fact of life if you are a woman. There’s even a biblical fable taught to children in religious school to justify it. When I first got my period as a teenager, I was not prepared for the severe cramping, back and leg pain and nausea that would greet me every month. [...]

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Keeping Concussions to a Minimum in Young Athletes


When you are a parent of a child that is interested in sports, you are likely excited about the new life skills and development that is bound to happen for your child through the experience. On the flip side, you may be worried about the potentials dangers associated with playing sports, including the time-commitment and more seriously, the injuries. You can’t deny that there is a change of injury in any sport and that the time commitment involved will affect other areas of life, from homework to family time. For most parents, the risks are minimal enough and the benefits of [...]

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Myths and Misunderstandings about “The healthiest kids”


"Why would I bring my children to a chiropractor when they don't have back problems?" "What does chiropractic have to with children's health?" "My child doesn't need to see a doctor, they are healthy." There are many misunderstandings and myths about health and chiropractic care, especially when it comes to  children.  One of the biggest myths about chiropractic is that chiropractic is for adults only.  However, millions of parents have discovered the truth about chiropractic and are bringing their children to chiropractors to improve their child's overall health and well-being. Many children suffer from hidden nerve interference. Spinal nerve stress can [...]

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The Chiropractic Monster: Defining yourself differently from the Beast


I have come to terms in this most recent year of practice, that my profession has an image issue.  Its credibility is questioned by some, and raved about by others – how is this possible?! Just about every time I sit down with a new potential patient (potential because they have to be accepted first) and I inquire about any previous chiropractic experiences, I hear a multitude of  stories.  Some experiences will mirror what I offer, and others will be completely different. Let me tell you why: Through adaptation, modification, and the quest for acceptance, there are now two types of [...]

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