Here’s something to think about.

With gym closures, so many people are becoming “road warriors” and turning to biking or running for fitness.  Injuries from these types of activities are on the rise. That said, even healthy, top-tier athletes like Tiger Woods and Tom Brady have turned to chiropractic care to give them an edge.

Indeed, A study by Anthony Lauro D.C. and Brian Mouch, D.C. showed how athletic ability can be enhanced by chiropractic care. The study looked at healthy athletes who didn’t have any musculoskeletal injuries. The goal for these athletes wasn’t to diagnose disease, but to pinpoint subluxations that could rob them of their performance and remove them. As part of the study, they underwent a 12-week program of care and were compared to a control group that didn’t receive care. After 6 weeks and 12 weeks the athletes in the chiropractic group and control group were tested.

The results support that the correcting these spinal misalignments lets the body perform at higher levels.

In another study, it was discovered that athletes under chiropractic care improved their muscle strength, long jump, and capillary blood counts, which signals better working endurance and muscle injury prevention.

Think of it this way:

Healthy alignment (and posture) not only supports better nerve function (and, as a reminder, your nervous system is the master controller of your body’s healing processes) but it’s akin to greasing the gears for better movement.

When your body doesn’t have to “struggle” against mechanical issues, all forms of movement become easier.  And the risk of injury thereby decreases as the body doesn’t have to compensate nearly as much.

If you already have a chronic injury or pain, improving healing and your ability to move can be the key to not only reducing that pain, but making sure it doesn’t come back – as it does with so many forms of treatment that only focus on the injured area. The point?

It’s always better to prevent injuries before they happen.

For many top athletes, chiropractic is the “secret weapon” that lets them do this. And if you’re already suffering from a sports injury, addressing how your body moves, and your nerves’ ability to function – through regular chiropractic care – could be the ticket to ensuring the pain gets less and doesn’t recur.

If you know anyone who has recently taken up running, cycling, or any new activities, please feel free to forward along today’s little message of hope. 😉

We are back up and running with regular (full) clinic hours and your referrals are always welcomed and appreciated. Also, we’re happy to get on the phone and outline our current safety protocols to anyone for whom that might be a concern.

That’s all for this week. Until next time…move well, and safely!


Dr. Josh



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