Say hello to my little friend! (I couldn’t resist the reference!)

The Accustim is a new adjusting tool I’ve recently added to my toolbox. I’ve already received MANY positive comments on its results and two patients have coined it the “woodpecker”. 😊

What’s it all about?

Glad you asked.

This simple device uses a series of tiny thrusts to help us chiropractors produce “wow” adjustments and potentially huge improvements in range of motion. And since it feels almost somewhat like a massage, it’s perfect for patients who find traditional adjustments too forceful…it jives with my “gentle” approach…AND it allows me to easily modulate how much force I’m using for maximum precision with all types (and sizes) of patients. Here’s how it works:

First, it’s not intended to replace human hands.

It’s still my knowledge that’s determining the pattern of your adjustment, and with rare exception, my hands are the primary tools being utilized for your adjustments. Working together with the practitioner’s hand, the Accustim sends 12-14 pulses per second, which corresponds to the frequency the brain and body communicate on.  In doing so it multiplies the effectiveness of the manual input by “interrupting” and repeating it. But let’s back up for a second.

With ANY chiropractic adjustment, we’re looking to produce nerve impulses that give the brain feedback on healing and facilitate the body’s natural healing processes.  With the repetition the Accustim provides, this feedback is constant and ongoing throughout the adjustment. This is what allows us to quickly “unlock” a joint’s range of motion.  And it means the adjustment tends to hold longer for positive functional nerve responses – the main player in reducing pain and getting you as healthy as possible. Not only does this nifty tool let me adjust in ways that I couldn’t manually, but it’s also able to isolate segments of the spine with pin-point accuracy to make minute adjustments that can have a big impact on mobility.  I’ve found it especially useful in chronically subluxated cases where built-up scar tissue guards against even my lightest manual adjustments.

So we’re not merely talking about some new-fangled “gadget”.

Instead, it’s a way of boosting the effectiveness of the care you’re already receiving. The “magic” lies in the double effect of the hand working with the recoil of the device. You can see why there’s so much buzz about the woodpecker around these parts! Of course, it may not be right for everyone.  My custom approach to each patient dictates I choose the mode of treatment I believe will work best, based on your goals and the results of your assessment. If we haven’t used it yet, and you’d like to find out more, let’s chat briefly at your next appointment.

At the end of the day, tools are great… But they’re only as good as the diagnosis and technician! Once we better understand your needs, I’m on board with any tool that helps us “do the job”, so to speak.


Dr. Josh



“I went to so many Drs about the pain in my shoulder and so far Dr Gelber is the best.  With the treatment I so far received I must say that I think that I am in the right place now.  With his soft touch and warm welcome, he is the best Chiropractor I will tell people about.” – Norma D.