I have come to terms in this most recent year of practice, that my profession has an image issue.  Its credibility is questioned by some, and raved about by others – how is this possible?!

Just about every time I sit down with a new potential patient (potential because they have to be accepted first) and I inquire about any previous chiropractic experiences, I hear a multitude of  stories.  Some experiences will mirror what I offer, and others will be completely different.

Let me tell you why:

Through adaptation, modification, and the quest for acceptance, there are now two types of chiropractors (there have been 2 types for 30+ years by the way): there are limited scope practitioners, those who choose to limit their scope of practice to the common complaints of back pain, neck pain, and joint pain.  Let me be the FIRST to state that there is nothing wrong with this.  The other type of chiropractor, the heading I fall under, is the Full Spectrum chiropractor.

What does Full Spectrum mean?  It means that I see the body’s potential for healing, regulation, and health expression through the nervous system.  Not only do  I concern myself with a potential patient’s main concerns, but also their general health and well-being, and that of their entire family.  Too often parents leave their children behind to develop problems later in life that can be prevented.  Stay tuned for “Chiro Kids” for more on this.

Why full Spectrum?  Let’s go over a few facts together:

1. A living body is self-healing and self-regulating.

2. The nervous system is the master system and controller of that body.

3. If you interfere with nervous system function, you necessarily interfere with the ability for the body to heal and regulate.

We live our lives through our nervous system. What you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and think all happens through your nervous system.  Your heartbeat, muscle control, stomach acids, blood pressure, moods, athletic performance, immune function – all of these bodily functions are controlled and processed by your nervous system.

Living your life daily involves stress – good AND bad!  With every moment of bad stress (physical injury or repetitive strain, bad food choices, and emotional stress as a few examples) your nervous system loses it’s optimal potential for healing and regulation.

there may be a reader or two who still “don’t believe” in chiropractic, and there are various reasons (I’ve heard many of them!).  And when I think about chiropractic to help with injuries and joint-related problems, I’m not the biggest believer either.

When I focus on removing interference patterns, and returning the optimal healing power levels in the human body, people get healthy; in turn, THEY heal faster, THEY are less prone to injury, THEY have faster recovery, and THEY are in better control of their health.

This is my focus, my guiding philosophy, and it allows me to truly restore health for as many people as possible.

Got your attention?  Stay tuned for more!