The latest “Team Gelber production” is set to join our family next month.


One of the ways we’re celebrating this blessed event is with Kids’ Month here at Annex Family Chiropractic.  Spinal screenings used to happen in schools – checking for posture, scoliosis and more, but they stopped years ago, without warning, and without clarity as to why.


Anyway, here’s the deal:


For the month of August only, kids under 17 get a free exam.


Now you may be thinking, “What on earth could my young child have wrong with their spine that he or she would need to see a chiropractor?”  Glad you asked.  Childhood can be rough.  Think of your little one learning to walk and how many times she sits down hard…or wipeouts…tree-climbing…or even carrying a heavy backpack.


And there are birth traumas too. All can contribute to spinal problems.

A child’s early years are crucial to determining how healthy they’ll be later in life.  As with anything, the best time to stop a problem is early on.  I’ve been (gently) adjusting Hayden since he was born.  You don’t wait until your child suffers a toothache to take them to the dentist.  You check them a couple of times per year as soon as they get teeth.


Chiropractic is no different. Our best chance to make an impact is in care and maintenance.


Families have been our focus since I started in The Annex in 2004.  Heck, we bill ourselves as “Family Chiropractic”.  That’s why we’re so thrilled to be able to offer this chance to our next generation of patients.

The exam is completely free and there’s no further obligation. However, space is limited so be sure to book in advance to reserve your spot.


Call the clinic at 416 967 4466 or book online at:


We look forward to making this a “family affair” for all patients!



“My daughter has been seeing Dr. Josh on and off since she was 6 with amazing results. She loves going. Clearly she feels better. She is now 14 and is on a one year plan. She is very active and the treatments have improved her alignment, posture and technique as a dancer.”

– Corinne L. –  This was a few years ago – the daughter in question simply has more freedom in her actions, busy life as a student and dancer, and she recovers faster from injuries/strain too.