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Doesn’t is seem like everybody has been stressed out or on edge lately?  Between the ongoing restrictions and a super contentious election in the U.S., I’m getting frequent reports from patients, friends and colleagues of arguments and people snapping over little things. Myself included from time to time. Almost everyone is on pins and needles. […]
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Ever heard of “the freshman 15”? It’s an expression about how students typically gain weight in their first year of University. Well, the 2020 equivalent is “the quarantine15”. With gyms shuttered, home baking on the rise, and most of us reaching for a bit of comfort food during these stressful times, fifteen pounds of weight gain in […]
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In my last email I mentioned we’re making our backyard more hospitable for extended homestays. This is going to require a little landscaping and other forms of yard work.  I even got Hayden in on the fun this week.  Here’s a peak behind-the-scenes: Well, it turns out I’m not the only one who had this […]
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