The Shut-In’s Guide To Healthy Living


How are you (my dear reader) during all this? I’ve been collecting my thoughts and working again on balance. Life would be easier without the 2 kids to manage during the daytime. And I can share earnestly that this week has been harsher than I thought emotionally. That said, now that I’ve had some time to adapt (and could still use more), I’ll be keeping in touch with tips and ideas for what you can do to stay healthy during our temporary “house arrest”. For today’s installment, here are a few recommendations I believe deserve your extra intention right now: 1. [...]

The Shut-In’s Guide To Healthy Living2020-03-24T08:18:59-04:00

When “Good” Stress Turns Bad


Let me tell you a quick story. In 2018, my wife and I bought our first house (together - I had owned property myself prior to meeting her).  As it is for most first-time home-buyers, it was an exciting prospect.  I was all in, and this time it was far more exciting. When we closed, I found myself thinking about furniture; making the home "ours". I was running around trying to bring together various pieces, exploring a bunch of websites and haunting online reviews, all while trying to keep to our budget and be true to the feeling and flow we [...]

When “Good” Stress Turns Bad2020-02-19T13:35:52-05:00

How To Read Your Body’s Pain Signals


Pain comes in many forms. Is it local muscular or joint pain?  Or is it NERVE pain?  Having at least a hunch about what kind of pain it is empowers you to know where to turn for help.  Here are a few guidelines to help you “make sense” of what’s happening to your body…especially since MD’s often don’t know or don’t help isolate the source of pain. Muscle Pain Muscle pain typically shows up as a big dull ache or a feeling of tightness, and might even feel 'general' in nature.  Another way to think about this is the pain is [...]

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Warren Buffet’s #1 Habit For Success (And Mine)


As we cross off the last remaining days on this year’s calendar, I’m already in planning mode for 2020. I like to take time to pause and reflect. And set goals. Do you do something similar? In support of your goals for the New Year, whatever they may be, I thought I’d share this interesting quote from one of the richest men on the planet, Warren Buffet: ==== “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” ==== The “Oracle of Omaha” has spoken. Present day is less about finding opportunities [...]

Warren Buffet’s #1 Habit For Success (And Mine)2019-12-17T15:44:53-05:00

Try This Little-Known Harvey Specter Success Secret


Let me share something personal. One of my favourite shows is Suits. I just love all the witty back and forth, the intense personal and courtroom drama, and well…I’ve got two words for you…Harvey Specter. I admit: I’m a fan. As a chiropractor, one of the things I appreciate about Gabriel Macht (the actor who plays Harvey) is how well he portrays the character’s posture and body language. If you haven’t seen the show, Harvey is a high-powered corporate attorney, known as “New York’s best closer”.  And from the moment he enters a scene, you don’t have a shred of doubt [...]

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Did Marilyn Monroe Have A Bad Back?


Here’s an interesting fact for you: The one-and-only Marilyn Monroe developed her signature walk by hacking off the heel of one shoe.  I hear something like that and my chiropractor’s brain instantly thinks “compensation pattern”. What do I mean? Well, by changing the length of one leg, Monroe would set up a movement pattern that, if she continued it long enough, could only hurt the delicate musculoskeletal balance in her body.  She died young, at age 36. But I’d guess that if she’d lived longer, and kept walking that way, she’d have ended up with a bad back.  And that would [...]

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Heat Or Ice? (The Answer Might Surprise You)


Today's quick tip might come as a shock to you. I say that because most patients I talk to are confused about this. When you have an acute injury or pain, what should you reach for first, heat or ice?  Most patients think it’s heat.  And while heat can help in easing tense muscles, the answer is [drum roll please]… ICE. Job #1 in any flare up or sudden pain is controlling inflammation and encouraging proper blood flow.  This is what ice does.  It constricts the blood vessels so the swelling can go down and, when removed, allows them to expand [...]

Heat Or Ice? (The Answer Might Surprise You)2019-08-06T12:34:39-04:00

August is Kids Month annually!


The latest “Team Gelber production” is set to join our family next month.   One of the ways we’re celebrating this blessed event is with Kids’ Month here at Annex Family Chiropractic.  Spinal screenings used to happen in schools - checking for posture, scoliosis and more, but they stopped years ago, without warning, and without clarity as to why.   Anyway, here’s the deal:   For the month of August only, kids under 17 get a free exam.   Now you may be thinking, “What on earth could my young child have wrong with their spine that he or she would [...]

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Which of these health problems do you want to fix?


Most people don’t think of it very often, but this crucial health factor lets you breathe easy and move better. It lifts a heavy load off your organs so they can function at their peak. It boosts your energy, and can help eliminate annoying neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain…it can take your golf game to the next level, and make you better at almost any activity you love…it allows your muscles to work the way they want to, which can make you almost “injury-proof”. It even results in better sleeping patterns. What is this health ‘miracle’? Great posture. Turns [...]

Which of these health problems do you want to fix?2019-07-16T12:00:34-04:00

Don’t Let Nice Weather Ruin Summer


Did you know that injuries due to exercise send more than fifty thousand Canadians per year to the emergency room?   For the most part, we’re aware of the risks of starting an exercise program.   But less so in connection with seasonal activities (even though we hear about people suffering heart attacks from shovelling snow after long periods of inactivity).   This was driven home to me last weekend when I lay down some new sod in my garden…surprisingly exhausting…truly like a blunt first intense workout.  Stretching was critical, posture too, yet I was still tired and sore for a [...]

Don’t Let Nice Weather Ruin Summer2019-06-11T14:03:11-04:00
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