Most people don’t think of it very often, but this crucial health factor lets you breathe easy and move better.

It lifts a heavy load off your organs so they can function at their peak.

It boosts your energy, and can help eliminate annoying neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain…it can take your golf game to the next level, and make you better at almost any activity you love…it allows your muscles to work the way they want to, which can make you almost “injury-proof”.

It even results in better sleeping patterns.

What is this health ‘miracle’?

Great posture.

Turns out Mom was right when she ordered you to “sit up straight!”

Take a look at the picture below:










This is a typical “head forward” posture.

It puts unneeded strain on the muscles of your upper back and neck.  As a result, almost any activity you’re involved in can lead to tightness or pain in that area.  Unchecked, this can also translate to lower back problems down the road.

And that’s just one of the examples of what can happen when you neglect your posture.

The real cost of not dealing with this now is the pattern WILL get worse (and harder to fix) as time goes on.  All of this is why, if you want improved sports performance, more natural sleep, or to rid yourself of pesky shoulder, neck, back, or hip pain, it’s time to…

Go straight!

(In the structural sense I mean.)

For starters, here’s one of my favourite “better-posture” moves:

But this only scratches the surface.

Regular chiropractic adjustments are a great way to “straighten out” your posture.

Most patients report feeling “straighter” after only a few adjustments.

Every case is different, but it’s usually not long before the benefits of this change show up.

By the by…you’ll find this is a “passion” topic for me.  On my recent holiday visiting art galleries there was lots of people watching.  This ALWAYS leads me to cringe a bit at the AWFUL posture in so many people; people who deserve better (and better awareness of both their posture and what it does to their body language too).

Therefore, if this note does nothing more than remind you to be more mindful of your posture…

My work here is done.

Sincerely In Health,

Dr. Josh