Let me tell you a quick story.

In 2018, my wife and I bought our first house (together – I had owned property myself prior to meeting her).  As it is for most first-time home-buyers, it was an exciting prospect.  I was all in, and this time it was far more exciting.

When we closed, I found myself thinking about furniture; making the home “ours”.

I was running around trying to bring together various pieces, exploring a bunch of websites and haunting online reviews, all while trying to keep to our budget and be true to the feeling and flow we wanted for our home.

Even now, as I think back on it, I have a smile on my face.

It was fun.

However, as you may know, that whole process can be very demanding as well.  Around the same time I had suddenly started having dizzy spells I couldn’t explain.  It took a little mental jogging and a meetup with another chiropractic colleague and friend to connect these with the stress of buying the house.  I then began getting adjusted by him, a needed change from the chiropractor I was seeing at the time (yes I get regular adjustments too).

You see, even though this was a “positive” stress…

Good events can also over-excite and tax your nervous system.

It’s a good one to remember.

Some stressors are obvious.  But we don’t always associate the new and exciting with stress.  It’s crucial not to underestimate its effects on the body.  Anytime you have a lot going on – even if it’s good – it’s important to keep getting those tune-ups that optimize your health and your body’s ability to cope.

Planning a wedding, buying a house, starting a new job…

These are scenarios that require self-care too.

If you’re not currently under care and you’d like my help in reducing stress or painful symptoms of any kind, get in touch with us.

My cautionary tale today is also a great reminder that even if you don’t currently have any symptoms, regular chiropractic care can be a bit like “flossing” for your nervous system – it’s to help optimize function and prevent negative health effects from developing!


Dr. Josh

P.S.  Watch this 30-second clip to hear how one patient is keeping healthy though it all: