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Mental Health: How Chiropractic Affects Your Parasympathetic Nervous System


Our minds and bodies affect each other in a beautiful cycle that sometimes gets unbalanced. Chiropractic care and other natural self-care can positively affect both mental and physical health at the same time. As life gets busy with activities and holidays, we want to take a moment to remind you to take care of yourself, and share practical tips on how you can do that!  Parasympathetic State and Mental Health Your autonomic nervous system has a big effect on your mental health. It has two main responses, sympathetic and parasympathetic. Let me explain why that’s important. The parasympathetic response is also [...]

Mental Health: How Chiropractic Affects Your Parasympathetic Nervous System2021-11-05T14:11:17-04:00

6 Key Wellness Habits


In the “react and respond” health environment we live in, more people are becoming proactive (vs. reactive) about wellness. They’re turning to chiropractic, meditation, nutrition, yoga and exercise to improve their health. Why are they making this shift? Because they intuitively know wellness is more than the absence of disease. Wellness is an expression of your highest potential as a human being. When you’re at your peak mentally, physically, chemically and spiritually, the possibilities are endless! Wellness is more than just reacting to problems and illness. It’s about "right and wrong." Rather than focus on what’s ‘wrong’ with you or what [...]

6 Key Wellness Habits2021-09-10T17:21:08-04:00

We Can’t Let Fear Win


Here’s an interesting fact for you. Did you know that multiple studies show gastrointestinal (GI) issues are one of the hallmarks of autism? In 2012, researchers at the National Institute of Health noted that 92% of children with autism show GI distress.  The CDC estimates that children with autism are 3.5 times more likely to suffer chronic constipation or diarrhea. It’s been proposed that the link is due to pathogenic gut bacteria. These tend to overgrow (and overpower) the good gut bacteria. In one study, UWO researcher Dr.MacFabe was able to produce autism-like symptoms in rats by injecting them with a fatty acid produced [...]

We Can’t Let Fear Win2020-08-18T21:38:28-04:00

The Amazing Health Secret That Works Better Than Any Drug


Last week we covered a few easy-to-do health tips you can use as soon as today to take back control of your immune system. This week, I want to share with you what is likely the simplest and most powerful health idea ever conceived.   Yet, it takes just 30 minutes a day, is easy to do, and there almost isn’t anything in existence that rivals its impact. What is this “magic” fix? None other than a DAILY 30-minute walk. Here is just the SHORT list of the proven benefits of a daily 30-minute walk (kudos to my colleague Dr. James Chestnut for [...]

The Amazing Health Secret That Works Better Than Any Drug2020-07-14T18:06:51-04:00

25 Mental Wellness Tips From A Psychologist


I’ll make this real simple for you… Below is a list by a psychologist of 25 mental health tips for getting through quarantine. (I’m paraphrasing, and have added my own two cents here and there.)  Print this list, put it on your fridge, make these tips a part of your life and it will help you manage the coming weeks and months as gracefully as possible. Sound good? Let’s dive in: Stick to a routine. Notably, wake up at the same time every day.  The systems in the brain that mediate negative emotions are tied to your circadian rhythm.  Rising like [...]

25 Mental Wellness Tips From A Psychologist2020-04-14T13:16:50-04:00

The Shut-In’s Guide To Healthy Living


How are you (my dear reader) during all this? I’ve been collecting my thoughts and working again on balance. Life would be easier without the 2 kids to manage during the daytime. And I can share earnestly that this week has been harsher than I thought emotionally. That said, now that I’ve had some time to adapt (and could still use more), I’ll be keeping in touch with tips and ideas for what you can do to stay healthy during our temporary “house arrest”. For today’s installment, here are a few recommendations I believe deserve your extra intention right now: 1. [...]

The Shut-In’s Guide To Healthy Living2020-03-24T08:18:59-04:00

Try This Unusual Mood-Boosting Tip


Hola from Mexico! As I’m enjoying a little sun, sand, and fresh air on this family vacation (first one for baby Beverly), I decided to take a time-out to send you this little note. I'll keep this short and to the point: I just completed a wonderful little business book called The Go-Giver (Have you read it?  If so, comment and tell me your thoughts), and I thought I’d share the results of a really interesting study.  The study is not referenced in the book, but it’s related to the book’s premise. Researchers at the University of Michigan reported that older people [...]

Try This Unusual Mood-Boosting Tip2020-02-25T13:49:04-05:00

When “Good” Stress Turns Bad


Let me tell you a quick story. In 2018, my wife and I bought our first house (together - I had owned property myself prior to meeting her).  As it is for most first-time home-buyers, it was an exciting prospect.  I was all in, and this time it was far more exciting. When we closed, I found myself thinking about furniture; making the home "ours". I was running around trying to bring together various pieces, exploring a bunch of websites and haunting online reviews, all while trying to keep to our budget and be true to the feeling and flow we [...]

When “Good” Stress Turns Bad2020-02-19T13:35:52-05:00

Did Marilyn Monroe Have A Bad Back?


Here’s an interesting fact for you: The one-and-only Marilyn Monroe developed her signature walk by hacking off the heel of one shoe.  I hear something like that and my chiropractor’s brain instantly thinks “compensation pattern”. What do I mean? Well, by changing the length of one leg, Monroe would set up a movement pattern that, if she continued it long enough, could only hurt the delicate musculoskeletal balance in her body.  She died young, at age 36. But I’d guess that if she’d lived longer, and kept walking that way, she’d have ended up with a bad back.  And that would [...]

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5 Rules For 100 Years of Quality Life


My title today sounds ambitious, it’s true. But I’ve never been more convinced that anyone can enjoy vibrant health and a high standard of life throughout a full 100-year lifespan.  We’re taught to think that we’re born, we live, then we get a disease and we die.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  I’m not saying you can live forever.  But you can live up to your potential throughout ALL your years. And it doesn’t have to be that hard. Here are 5 simple rules for 100-years of healthy life: Eat well. Kick the SAD (Standard American Diet) out of [...]

5 Rules For 100 Years of Quality Life2019-08-13T12:47:42-04:00
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