Last week we covered a few easy-to-do health tips you can use as soon as today to take back control of your immune system. This week, I want to share with you what is likely the simplest and most powerful health idea ever conceived.   Yet, it takes just 30 minutes a day, is easy to do, and there almost isn’t anything in existence that rivals its impact.

What is this “magic” fix?

None other than a DAILY 30-minute walk.

Here is just the SHORT list of the proven benefits of a daily 30-minute walk (kudos to my colleague Dr. James Chestnut for compiling these):

*Improve immune function in all ages

*Decrease incidence and severity of upper respiratory tract infection by 50% (more than any vaccine ever invented)

*Enliven your gut’s healthy bacteria which helps digestion, stops indigestion, and boosts your natural immunity

*Prevents up to 91% of cases of type 2 diabetes

*Prevent up to 50% of all cases of heart disease

*Reduce the risk of stroke by 25-30%

*Prevent congestive heart disease deaths by 63%

*Reduce risk of breast cancer by 60%

*Prevent up to 50% of colon cancers

*Normalize blood pressure (without medication)

*Decrease bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol

*Reduce risk of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis

*Increase new bone formation

*Increase strength flexibility and balance

*Decrease all cause mortality by 67% in the general population

*47% less cognitive impairment as we get older

*Prevent up to 62% cases of Alzheimer’s

*Increase learning ability by up to 12x in all ages

*Increase serotonin (the “feel good” hormone)

*Decrease rate of aging

*Decrease depression by 20% (again, without meds)

*Increase healing hormones while decreasing stress-related body breakdown hormones


And that’s not even the entire list available in the scientific literature to date. No drug has ever come close to being able to offer anything like this.  Take my word for it – this afternoon’s pre-shift walk allowed me to “mentally cool off” after little Bev managed to stay awake from 10:45pm – 3am today, and I got lucky enough to carry her outside + drive her around for an hour on dark and quiet streets.

(Nor will it.  Ever.)

That’s because exercise is the “essential nutrient” we can’t live without.

If we did nothing else than put everyone on vitamin D, Omega 3 and a daily walk…we would TRANSFORM the health of our entire population.  These are easy ways that are proven to make a huge difference to your health and immunity.  And this is not even in question.  The evidence is overwhelming, unequivocal, and undeniable.

Start today, and you can have stronger immunity before the fall rolls around. (It’s also proven to work FAST)

Finally, by adding regular chiropractic adjustments to the mix you’ll help this along even more by improving nerve function — which reduces pain, controls stress, and lets you sleep better.

If you’re not currently a patient and you’d like to reduce pain and take back control of your health so you don’t have to live with the constant fear of getting sick, I want to help.  Email us (here) or call the office at (416) 967-4466 to book your assessment (or re-assessment, if it’s been a while).

Also, if you have any questions or concerns about our EXTENSIVE health and safety measures, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Anyway, hope you found this helpful. Putting this together for you was a great reminder for me too. :-) If nothing else, let the facts above be an added nudge to get in your RDA of walks!


Dr. Josh


 “Dr. Gelber has been open and honest about his practice, and he is very attentive to his patients’ needs and concerns. Not only have his adjustments helped alleviate some pain and tightness in my neck and back, but he has also helped me to become more aware of my daily habits to improve posture and overall health.” – Ben T.