Did you know that injuries due to exercise send more than fifty thousand Canadians per year to the emergency room?


For the most part, we’re aware of the risks of starting an exercise program.


But less so in connection with seasonal activities (even though we hear about people suffering heart attacks from shovelling snow after long periods of inactivity).


This was driven home to me last weekend when I lay down some new sod in my garden…surprisingly exhausting…truly like a blunt first intense workout.  Stretching was critical, posture too, yet I was still tired and sore for a couple of more days and needed more stretching.


It’s a great reminder to take things as “joyous” as gardening (or any new spring-like activity) seriously, like you would going to the gym.  The nice weather invites overdoing it.  Or suddenly jumping back into activities you haven’t done all winter.


Case in point, just got an email from a patient who said he hurt his knee playing baseball.  First game of the season, no less.  All he put as the subject to his email was a single 4-letter word (I’ll let you guess which one)!


Don’t get me wrong, it’s great those opportunities are here again.  But be honest with yourself, is your body ready for it?  If not, take it slow.  Get your foundation under you first.


A knee injury…or back injury, or shoulder injury…can put a real damper on your summer plans.


Doctors’ waiting rooms are full of “weekend warriors” who went too hard, too soon.


One way to ensure you’re on solid footing is with regular adjustments.  Because they improve your posture and help your body find its alignment, this makes your movements more efficient and lets you become more resistant to injury.


But most of all, heed my cautionary tale today.


Slow down to go fast.


We all need these little reminders sometimes. ;-)


Sincerely In Health,


Dr. Josh