As we cross off the last remaining days on this year’s calendar, I’m already in planning mode for 2020.

I like to take time to pause and reflect.

And set goals.

Do you do something similar?

In support of your goals for the New Year, whatever they may be, I thought I’d share this interesting quote from one of the richest men on the planet, Warren Buffet:


“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”


The “Oracle of Omaha” has spoken.

Present day is less about finding opportunities than it is deciding which opportunities to let go of.  We’ve all got too many choices.  Too much information.  Too much to do.  Yet we know FOCUS is the path to our productivity…

And our Zen.

[Cue hand-raising emoji.]

To that end, Mr. Buffet suggests you make a list of your top 25 life goals.  Next, identify the five you feel most passionately about.  Finally, DELETE the bottom twenty.


These five, according to Mr. B., are all you need.  And any energy you put into your bottom twenty steals energy and focus from your top five.

While I can’t help you like a life coach might with these kinds of decisions, what I can do is help you say NO to health symptoms or pain that throw you off your focus.

Back pain…no.

Sleep issues…no.


And so on.

You must feel more successful already. :-)

I’m having a little fun with this but my personal credo has always been that good health is the foundation for everything.  When you feel good in your own skin, when stress is under control, when your blood pressure is low and steady…

The rest all but takes care of itself.

It’s why I recently recommitted to my own fitness regimen. (And with a baby at home, I’d have every excuse not to!) It’s coming along slowly, but it’s got momentum because it’s in my top 5!

Per Mr. Buffet’s quote, ultra-successful people know how to focus.

Start with your health and you’ll see your productivity go to new levels!

Sincerely in Health,

Dr. Josh