I enjoyed many of the responses that came my way from my “healthy living at home” post recently.

One that I particularly enjoyed was from a patient who said:

“I was hoping you would tell us how to adjust ourselves!”

And, well…no. :-)

There’s no reliable or safe way to self-adjust.  But there’s another point I’d love to drive home in this week’s instalment which is this: yoga/stretching/motion/regular body movements, etc…ALL will help keep the spine more fluid and flexible vs. all the sitting and being glued to their smartphones most people are likely up to during this lockdown.  I won’t lie, I’m having my moment too, but I’ll call it down time from double daily daycare duty!

This week’s tip is a simple one, but one I hope you won’t dismiss:

Get fresh air…and move!  (Especially if you’ve got kids.)

I was out this week for a 1.5-hr stroller push with a sleeping beauty (Beverly), had a 1.5-hr trek through Moccasin Trail Park just near DVP and Lawrence, and have been sticking with my yoga/shred workout I recommended last week too.  Staying safe, and calm, the physical way!

I shared a resource a while back, this website:


I’d say it’s more essential now than ever.

Its creator, Katy Bowman, is a biomechanist and best-selling author (with a great and easy to absorb podcast) who had this to say about the power of movement: “Movement, like food, is not optional; ailments you may be experiencing are simply (and complexly) symptoms of movement hunger in response to a movement diet that is dangerously low in terms of quantity and poor in terms of quality.”

I second that idea.

Most of us are way more sedentary than our bodies are designed to be, even in the best of times, let alone now.  And if I may “piggyback” on what Katy is saying, movement is really the daily floss that lets the nervous system heal.  No health plan would be complete without it.

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That does it for this week.

I hope you’re keeping calm…


Dr. Josh