Perhaps the #2 complaint I hear – from new patients anyway – is “I don’t have enough energy”. (COVID work-from-home scenarios have increased spine & body pain complaints up to #1)

Well, it might not surprise you to know that the foundation for energy is none other than consistently getting a better quality of sleep. And while some people claim they’re good with six hours or so, research would suggest otherwise. According to most studies on cognition, 7-8 hours is mandatory. Researchers have also found that the effect of not enough sleep builds up! This is true even if subjects don’t report feeling any different. I can attest – a 6-hour/night work week used to suit me just fine… then came the kids, and now 7-8 hours is my bare minimum. So here’s a simple tip you can try. I call it my 30 by 30 rule. Here’s how it works:

Commit yourself to a regimen of going to bed just 30 minutes earlier, for thirty days.

And, if you pair this with rising at the same time every morning (another important key to superior zzzz’s), the result should be to boost both the amount and caliber of the sleep you do get. Told you it was simple. 😉 That said, it may not be easy (at first). I’m in the midst of it, and most nights are winners, buuuut, I’m still human. The effects can be truly mood-changing. (And we could all use more of a mood-boost these days!) Another thing: Regular chiropractic can support these positive sleep changes if we’re successful in (a) improving your posture (did you know that poor posture inhibits sleep?), and (b) optimizing nerve function, leading to a healthier parasympathetic response in your body.

The parasympathetic nervous system brings stressed bodies back to their baseline, so its proper function can serve as a path to deeper and more restorative sleep. Many of my patients report sleeping better after just a few weeks of care. Well, that does it for today’s tip.

On a personal note, I’m FINALLY getting some gym (until the 28-day pause ☹) & running frequency back up. The kids being at school and daycare mean more brainspace for me… and, hooray, hooray – more weekday accomplishments! I’m still adapting to new habits and having both growing pains and successes weekly.

Until next time…sleep well!

Dr. Josh