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Use This Simple Checklist To Thrive In 2021


Happy New Year! Pilots, even if they’ve flown thousands of times, print out and review a pre-flight checklist every single time.  Why would they do such a thing?  Simple.  They consider what they do just that important.  And they’re unwilling to leave anything to chance or memory. Why should our lives and good health be any less important? Here are some suggestions for your daily checklist to improve your health this year (feel free to add you own ideas too): Start your day with a celebration of your life.  It’s hard going through the day thinking that you can’t affect the outcome. [...]

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Headaches? 3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself


There’s no two ways about it – headaches suck. I meet a variety of headache sufferers in my practice. For some, when a headache or migraine strikes, life comes to a complete HALT and they run for cover in a dark room. For others, they may notice a dull headache that lasts up to ten days or more, which they manage with over-the-counter pain meds. Neither is to be scoffed at. If you’ve ever struggled with this problem, here are three questions you must ask yourself first: 1. Are You Hydrated Enough? One of the simplest causes of headaches is dehydration. [...]

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4 Easy Ways To Boost Kids’ Immunity


I haven’t done a kids’ health topic for a while. And with most kids being back in school, I thought it timely to mention a few tips on immune system boosting in the younger generation. These tips will not only help protect kids against the present threat but are also great for preventing seasonal sniffles and coughs that would keep them out of school. Alright, enough build up. Here they are: 1. Vitamin D and C Fruits and veggies are kids’ easiest and best sources of the amazing immunity nutrient that is vitamin C. Making sure kids get C from healthy [...]

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Why Would A Healthy Athlete Use A Chiropractor?


Here’s something to think about. With gym closures, so many people are becoming “road warriors” and turning to biking or running for fitness.  Injuries from these types of activities are on the rise. That said, even healthy, top-tier athletes like Tiger Woods and Tom Brady have turned to chiropractic care to give them an edge. Indeed, A study by Anthony Lauro D.C. and Brian Mouch, D.C. showed how athletic ability can be enhanced by chiropractic care. The study looked at healthy athletes who didn’t have any musculoskeletal injuries. The goal for these athletes wasn’t to diagnose disease, but to pinpoint subluxations that could [...]

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Try This Simple Rule For Better Sleep


Perhaps the #2 complaint I hear – from new patients anyway – is “I don’t have enough energy”. (COVID work-from-home scenarios have increased spine & body pain complaints up to #1) Well, it might not surprise you to know that the foundation for energy is none other than consistently getting a better quality of sleep. And while some people claim they’re good with six hours or so, research would suggest otherwise. According to most studies on cognition, 7-8 hours is mandatory. Researchers have also found that the effect of not enough sleep builds up! This is true even if subjects don’t [...]

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7 Reasons Why People In Pain Need Movement


Straight to it, here they are: Strength Strong muscles act as a support structure.  One common example is how strengthening your core can help with low back pain.  When your core functions as it should, it can “prop up” and take stress away from a sore low back. Note, the “core” is much broader than some people realize, it’s as high as your pectorals and shoulders, and as low as your gluteus and hamstring muscles. Natural pain relief Exercise has a proven pain-inhibiting effect.  One way it does this is by releasing “feel-good” brain chemicals (e.g. endorphins) that dim pain signals. [...]

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We Can’t Let Fear Win


Here’s an interesting fact for you. Did you know that multiple studies show gastrointestinal (GI) issues are one of the hallmarks of autism? In 2012, researchers at the National Institute of Health noted that 92% of children with autism show GI distress.  The CDC estimates that children with autism are 3.5 times more likely to suffer chronic constipation or diarrhea. It’s been proposed that the link is due to pathogenic gut bacteria. These tend to overgrow (and overpower) the good gut bacteria. In one study, UWO researcher Dr.MacFabe was able to produce autism-like symptoms in rats by injecting them with a fatty acid produced [...]

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The Truth About Self-Compassion


Have you ever tried telling yourself to do just five minutes on the treadmill? What almost always happens? Once you’re there…you keep going! This is partly psychological; it feels silly to get off after five minutes when you’ve already gone through the trouble of hitting the start button.  But it is also physiological; in those five minutes all of your body’s processes wake up. Your muscles and brain are almost instantly better oxygenated as your breathing and your circulation increases.  And as you persist, your movement becomes easier.  Exercise also stimulates production of BDNF, a crucial brain chemical that reshapes the synapses. In [...]

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When You Should Not Use A Chiropractor


Quick story: I recently reconnected with a former patient, Marie. We just happened to pass each other on the street and have a brief chat a few months ago.  Marie then came back to the clinic last week and gave me the lowdown on some recent symptoms (hip, side-of-her-leg and knee pain, which she has a history of) and how she hoped for some relief, as walking was becoming less comfortable. So, out of transparency, I did my full re-evaluation (it’s been more than 7 years). What I discovered was plenty of the “usual suspects” of stress & time-induced subluxation.  However, her biggest [...]

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5 Delicious Foods To Eat For A Stronger Immune System


Continuing our theme of the last few weeks, here are more simple actions you can take right now to support your body’s natural immune response. Today, we turn to nutrition.  One of the most crucial ways to take control of your health is through your diet. With that in mind, here are 5 tasty examples of how to do just that: Citrus Fruits. Not only are these colorful beauties yummy, but they’re some of nature’s best sources of vitamin C.  Well-known for its protectant effect against colds and flus, it’s also a powerful antioxidant that’s been shown by research to help your body’s [...]

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