“Healing is a matter of time, but it’s sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” – Hippocrates

I was reading about a plan by Space X to deploy thousands of small satellites and blanket the planet with internet access – especially for those 3.5 billion or so people who lack a regular, high-quality connection. It’s ambitious (some would say far-fetched), but if it works…The possibilities are wondrous.


I’ve often taught about the nervous system by comparing it to a communications network. If there are subluxations, signals get blocked.  Your body’s command center can’t do its job.  Sometimes, under these conditions, pain messaging can become hyperactive.  Communication can break down and instead of being filtered out, pain signals can go wild. Not only does this make it harder for your body to heal, but it hinders both immune and endocrine function.  That means you become less resistant to illness, and the delicate hormonal balance in your body gets thrown out of whack.


But when you upgrade to a 5G network, i.e. fast and reliable signalling from the brain to the nerve endings and back… The opportunities for healing (per my quote above) expand. For example, I have no idea how to cure headaches.  I help restore function.  And one common result is headaches subside. One way I do this is through regular, gentle adjustments.  **Note that my “5G” comparison is for network speed purposes only, as research isn’t yet confident about the safety of 5G in the real world**


But for some time now my secret weapon (or my 1-2 punch) has been combining adjustments with VoxxLife socks and insoles.  These use a proven technology that activates nerve receptors in the foot with a specific pattern that’s been shown to help the brainstem achieve equilibrium.

In English, that means simply wearing these socks/insoles helps the parts of your brain that control movement to function better so you move more freely, suffer less pain, and enjoy more energy.


My patients wearing them are reporting everything from pain relief, to better sleep, to more stamina and a sense of calmness.  Check out some of the company’s amazing testimonials here:



I honestly can’t say enough about these products. I’m wearing my Bello insoles now and wriggling my toes in satisfaction as I write this.  And as a guy who has a thing for shoes – I now use a LOT of their products; I even notice the less comfortable impact withOUT them in well built shoes.  That says a lot to me about them.

You can shop for them here, online if you want to – they have a 30-day money back guarantee!

And don’t forget today’s take-home:

Whether it’s by changing your posture, eating a clean diet, sleeping better, drinking more water…or all of the above plus regular adjustments…anything you can do to power healthy communication in your nervous system will give you your best shot at feeling amazing…


…The way you were meant to feel!