I hope you’re managing – I’m just about to head to the clinic for Tuesday’s emergency /acute care adjustment hours, and wanted to share this.

A new study out of The University Of Sydney is proving the effects of exercise on metabolism might be even more profound than we thought. The researchers set out to turn down the “noise” of hard-to-control factors like age, gender, work environment, diet, and stress. So what they did is examine the metabolic profiles of 52 healthy young men who’d just joined the Australian military.  They were tested before and after 80 days of “basic training”.  The soldiers ate the same food, had the same sleeping patterns, lived together and did the same daily activities.  Their workouts were comprised of running, calisthenics, marching – pretty much whatever you picture when you think of military training.

What they got were some very clear results. After 80 days, they showed “highly-significant” changes in metabolites that are known to boost immune function, blood flow, and fight inflammation.  For example, post exercise their bodies used far more fuel from fat and ketone bodies.

In English, these changes can lead to VERY positive health gains like less stress, lower inflammation, or less fat in the body.

In recent weeks I’ve been touting the mental health benefits of continuing to exercise during all of this self-quarantining.  Figured I spice things up with a little science too.  All of us can use as much incentive as possible, especially when we’re feeling less-than-motivated. ;-)

Two weeks ago I mentioned a website some of my patients use called – www.MyRxx.com – It’s an online tool for home workouts with step-by-step video explanations of how to do each exercise.  If you haven’t already got your own personalized account, I’m offering this service FREE to my subscribers (even if you’re not currently a patient) to help out during this crisis.  Reply to this email if you’d like me to add you, and I can get the ball rolling for you. Anyway, I’m working on all this too.

Sadly I squeezed in only my 2nd run so far this week, but with an official passenger! (Who talks, A. LOT.) *** At the time I initially wrote this *** Here’s a quick video I made for you: https://www.facebook.com/joshuagelber/videos/1263291253841448/ Bonus update as of Monday evening: I got out for a 3rd run with my co-pilot Sunday morning, and yesterday I busted by butt with major landscaping of my front and backyard – exhausting, and beyond rewarding for the exercise levels involved!

One of my favorite quotes is from Winston Churchill:

“Success is not final.  Failure is not fatal.  It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Keep moving, watch that posture, and be grateful. Things could be worse.



Dr. Josh