From the category of health risks you might not have considered…

I enjoyed a lovely vacation with the family in Mexico last week.  Lots of sunny fun.  Here are the cute pics I wasn’t able to load for you last week with the subpar resort Wi-Fi:

Here’s why this is important for you:

While the bed in the hotel was decent, I did “pay the price” of the temporary sleeping arrangements each morning with daily albeit mild stiffness.

And I’m generally healthy; for anyone with pre-existing symptoms, or travelers who are a bit older – even if otherwise in good shape – things like this can spark misalignments, setbacks, flare-ups, or symptoms you haven’t felt before.

All of this, of course, is made worse by long hours sitting in an airplane, lifting heavy luggage off the conveyor belt, dehydration (from heat, alcohol, or air travel), and sometimes jet lag too.

The “trick” to preventing or remedying this is (1) regular care; you come home, get an adjustment, and you get back on track.  But (2), I ALWAYS travel with my Align Right Pillow, which is what I neglected to bring this time – I made a luggage-space sacrifice…

If you don’t know, the Align Right is a pillow scientifically designed for optimal support and alignment.  I search far and wide, and test many pillows even after discovering this product.  I’ve been sleeping on it for 15+ years as it’s been my clear “winner” and preferred pillow, and it (usually) travels with me everywhere.

Designed to help those with sleep problems, it also…

*Reduces neck pain and headaches
*Helps with snoring, and tossing and turning
*Allows you to enter a deep sleep so the body can heal
*Supports you in your alignment and preferred sleeping position

If you have any questions about this hit “reply” and let me know.

Also, more details here:





Oh and by the way…

ONE night on my own pillow/bed (together with my adjustment on Monday) and ‘heavenly’ is the best word I’d use to describe it!  More of us should remember how amazing it feels to get a good night’s rest.

—if you’re an existing patient — One more point before I let you go: If you ever need ‘extra’ help beyond your current schedule of adjustments for flare-ups or any other stubborn symptoms, vacation related or not, be sure to let us know.  Even long-term patients can benefit from ramping up the frequency every once in a while.  It could be a stressful period…a new injury…an illness…whatever the case I want you to know that the option to get additional adjustments while on a specific care plan is always there.  I hope you’ll take advantage of it as it’s feedback like this that helps me help you.

Well, there you have it.

Keep in mind this caution for any upcoming travel and if I there’s anything I can do to help, l’d be happy to! :-)


Dr. Josh



“The Align Right Pillow has allowed me a much deeper sleep with hardly any pains in my back or neck.  I sleep the whole night not waking every 2-3 hours.  My whole body is feeling better.”

— Tim M.