#1 Biggest Myth Re: Workouts & Low Back Pain


Did you know that working your core might be making your low back pain worse? Continuing with the fitness theme, I’m covering a very common misconception today.  So many people have heard that to prevent low back pain you need to strengthen your core.  And while it is true that a strong core helps support your back, if you have either acute or chronic low back pain… …There’s almost certainly more to the story. What matters is what’s causing the pain in the first place! I’ll circle back to that in a moment. One way the “do more core” advice is [...]

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Do We Control 70% Of How We Age?


Shifting gears a bit today. I’m “back in the saddle”…adapting to life with a newborn (again!)…and with it being September, i.e. back to the routine for many people, I feel inspired to talk about fitness.  In fact, I recently decided it was time for your humble author to re-commit to my own fitness program. (More on that to come.) I want to start by planting a seed. A few years back, The Globe and Mail published an interesting article (“We Control 70% of How We age,” Alex Hutchinson).  The article talks about a study that examined fat and muscle content in [...]

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Why Your Pillows Might Be Killing Your Neck


It’s official. Baby Beverly joined our clan on Saturday evening.  Mom was a champ, and powered through to a healthy home arrival just 4 hours later (the beauty of using a midwife is that they come check on you the next day in the comfort of your home). Hayden’s “adapting” – he’ll be a great big brother when he comes to term with sharing his parents.  It’s been a busy few days for all of us… So I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. (She’s napping as I write this.  I probably should be too.) Anyway, since I’ve been fantasizing about [...]

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Did Marilyn Monroe Have A Bad Back?


Here’s an interesting fact for you: The one-and-only Marilyn Monroe developed her signature walk by hacking off the heel of one shoe.  I hear something like that and my chiropractor’s brain instantly thinks “compensation pattern”. What do I mean? Well, by changing the length of one leg, Monroe would set up a movement pattern that, if she continued it long enough, could only hurt the delicate musculoskeletal balance in her body.  She died young, at age 36. But I’d guess that if she’d lived longer, and kept walking that way, she’d have ended up with a bad back.  And that would [...]

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Which of these health problems do you want to fix?


Most people don’t think of it very often, but this crucial health factor lets you breathe easy and move better. It lifts a heavy load off your organs so they can function at their peak. It boosts your energy, and can help eliminate annoying neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain…it can take your golf game to the next level, and make you better at almost any activity you love…it allows your muscles to work the way they want to, which can make you almost “injury-proof”. It even results in better sleeping patterns. What is this health ‘miracle’? Great posture. Turns [...]

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Discover This Supermodel’s Secret to Bouncing Back from Pregnancy


Forgive me if I haven’t yet shared something personal with you. I’ve been talking about it for a little while now…and it's good news... The wife and I are expecting baby number two! :-) #Blessed With that in mind, here’s a quick “pregnancy care” note: Pregnancy, as beautiful as it is, can be a lot of stress on the body.  My wife’s friend commented it can be harder than what marathoners who do 2-3 races in a weekend go through.  My wife’s doing fine, thanks.  But it’s a great reminder (1) to support your spouse, and… (2) Even just 10-20 pounds [...]

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Managing Lower Back Pain at Home


Noticing Lower Back Stiffness? Tight in the morning? Tired or sore at the end of the Day? 4 KEY Exercises & Stretches to help you! Statistically more than 80% of us are going to deal with some level of lower back pain in our lives.  Most of you have already felt something wrong – whether it’s mild tension or tightness when you wake up, or severe and debilitating back pain (or even sciatic nerve leg pain) that stops you in your tracks, literally.  A lucky group of you reading this may have never felt anything like this.  Lucky indeed! I’ve been [...]

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The real reason too much sitting is bad for you


Amy Cuddy has a great TED talk on the power of body language. You can find it on YouTube if you’re curious. One cool thing she reveals is that two minutes of “power posing” (e.g. standing tall with hands on hips, a la Superman) increases your testosterone. This is important. Tell you why in a minute.   For most of us our daily movement patterns are flexion-dominant.  This means hands closed, head forward and down, arms and legs in front of the body.  Think of the fetal position as an extreme version. We sit in a car on our way to a [...]

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Protecting your child’s back from this year’s backpack


It’s that time of year again and back-to-school prep is all of the conversation. That means your child will be gearing up from a summer of fun to carrying a heavy book bag to school with all of their textbooks, notebooks, homeowner, and the extras. This also leads many chiropractors to seeing parents of children with back problems because of overstuffed backpacks and pain from it. While it’s an exciting time of year for new subjects, new teachers, football games, and the kids getting older, it’s also that time of year when backpacks are heavy and kid’s backs are in danger. [...]

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How to Live a Healthy Life with a Desk Job


Desk jobs can be hard on you because they often come with deadlines, stressors, and long hours. Unfortunately, this leads to physical issues because sitting at a desk for long periods of time is bad for the body. Just like other professions have their health hazards, desk jobs come with its own and being aware of these hazards will allow you to keep your health in check for years to come. It doesn’t take a manual labor job to put your body at risk for physical health hazards; sitting for hours on end will do it for you. Take a look [...]

How to Live a Healthy Life with a Desk Job2018-04-25T19:48:08-04:00
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