It’s official.

Baby Beverly joined our clan on Saturday evening.  Mom was a champ, and powered through to a healthy home arrival just 4 hours later (the beauty of using a midwife is that they come check on you the next day in the comfort of your home).

Hayden’s “adapting” – he’ll be a great big brother when he comes to term with sharing his parents.  It’s been a busy few days for all of us…

So I’m gonna keep this short and sweet.

(She’s napping as I write this.  I probably should be too.)

Anyway, since I’ve been fantasizing about sleep lately…

People will often say “I slept on my neck wrong.”  But really you slept in a way that was wrong for your neck.  The best way to sleep is on your back.  Second-best is on your side. And when you sleep, you want the tip of your nose to be a right angle to your chest, like when you’re getting an MRI, or going down a waterslide. In other words, as if you’re standing up with great posture.

If your pillow’s too soft or thin, it will cause your neck to crank back too much.

If it’s too firm or too thick, your neck gets pushed too far forward.

And if you sleep on your stomach, you’re already turning your neck too far to the left or right, which is not ideal. Add a thick pillow, and you are asking for a “rude awakening” the next morning.

Enter The Align Right Pillow.

Designed to help those with sleep problems, it also reduces neck pain and headaches…lets you to enter a deep sleep so the body can heal…and supports you in your alignment and preferred sleeping position.

I’ve been sleeping on one for 14+ years and it travels with me everywhere!  My patients who use one swear by it too.  You can learn more here:

And if you don’t have one already, I’d love to set you up with your very own custom pillow so you too can sleep, ahem…like a baby. :-)

Alright, that’s about all the creativity I can muster right now.

Better rest before baby wakes up!

Sweet Dreams,

Dr. Josh