“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” – Edward Smith-Stanley

Hi all,

Today I’ve got another great resource for you.

A big shout out goes out to my patient Jackie for sharing this site with me:


Its creator, Katy Bowman, is a biomechanist and best-selling author.

Here’s a quote from her I found interesting:


“I propose that movement, like food, is not optional; that ailments you may be experiencing are simply (and complexly) symptoms of movement hunger in response to a movement diet that is dangerously low in terms of quantity and poor in terms of quality—meaning you aren’t getting the full spectrum of movement nutrition necessary for a baseline human function.”


I like it.

Most of us are way more sedentary than our bodies are designed to be.

And if I may “piggyback” on what Katy is saying, movement is really the daily floss that lets the nervous system heal.  No health plan would be complete without it.

Also from the website, here’s an exercise I recommend you do multiple times per day to prevent “tech neck”; the pain in the neck and upper back that stems from head-forward, hunched-over posture when you indulge in your smart phone habit.

(Or sit at a computer.)

They call it “head ramping”.

It’s simple:

Every time you look at your screen, tuck in your chin and gently push your head back as though you would press the back of your neck into a wall.

This simple change to the alignment of your head takes pressure off your back and neck and alleviates “tech neck”.  It’s just one small way you can activate your upper body and move your body more in general.

And it’s not just restricted to tech time.

She recommends you do it while walking or during exercises when you’re on your hands and knees.

You’ll find many more great tips like this one on the site.

Thanks again, Jackie!

It’s interesting to note that so many of my patients report WANTING to move more once they’ve had regular adjustments for a little while.  Just further reinforces how well chiropractic and enhanced movement pair together to improve your health.

Until next time…

Move well my friends.

Sincerely In Health,

Dr. Josh